The O’Meara Benedict Collection of Dollhouse Miniatures  

The O’Meara Benedict Collection of Dollhouse Miniatures

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The O'Meara Benedict Collection of Dollhouse Miniatures


1338 West Lake Street

Chicago, Illinois 60607


Monday, November 14 | 10am CT

Chicago + Online

Exhibition Times

Thursday, November 10 | 10am – 5pm
Friday, November 11 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, November 12 | 10am – 3pm
Sunday, November 13 | 10am – 4pm


Genevieve King 


Keeping with our tradition of offering distinct collections of miniatures, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is pleased to present a sale of miniatures from the O’Meara Benedict Collection on November 14. The auction will be conducted in our Chicago saleroom and online. Past miniature sales include the Adell Venus Collection of Miniatures in 2013 and Miniatures from the Collection of Cookie Ziemba and the Estate of Eunice Gold in 2014.

Maison des Maisons, or “House of Houses,” was the business and passion of miniatures collector Betty “Bets” O’Meara and her daughter Sharon O. Carter.  Founded in 1977 in Denver, Colorado, Maison des Maisons offered a fine array of miniature dollhouse furnishings for the discerning collector to the enthusiastic novice.

The O’Mearas were known for exhibiting a selection of beautifully crafted traditional English, American and Continental silver, period style furniture and decorative objects by famous artists such as Eugene Kupjack, John Davenport, Denis E. W. Hillman, John J. Hodgson, Peter Mattinson, Obadiah Fisher, and Peter Acquisto.

As one of the founders of the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, Bets never ceased expanding the breadth of her knowledge and appreciation for the craft. Having a similar attraction to the art, Bets’ other daughter Marilyn and her husband Andy Benedict joined Maison des Maisons in 1997. Having grown up with miniatures, Marilyn recalls her mother and sister traveling the world with their collection.

Upon joining the business, the Benedicts also traveled both nationally and internationally, and expanded their interests to include Pueblo pottery, beadwork, baskets and weavings from artists living in pueblos and reservations throughout the Southwest.  They spent many hours learning from the artists, collecting treasures and creating their own interiors for both their private collection and for sale.

The collection to be offered by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers represents some of the Benedict’s favorite heirlooms, their personal collection and gifts from artisan friends. Now downsizing and retiring in Arizona, Marilyn and Andy Benedict are pleased to share this expansive and varied collection with others who will enjoy it as much as they have.

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