Architecture, Art and Associations: New York Style  

Architecture, Art and Associations: New York Style

Blog | January 23, 2017

New York Style is an upcoming auction on February 16 that features designer garments, gowns and handbags from three influential women who impacted the professional, philanthropic and artistic communities of New York City and beyond.

As we explored the collections of these remarkable women, unique qualities about their personalities, pastimes and interests revealed themselves.

Within the Elaine Sargent collection we find metallic and sequined garments. As in the gilt decorated skyscrapers of New York and in the air of the city at night, the Sargent collection reminds us of architecture and how one stands out within the sprawling landscape that is New York City.

The above Alexander McQueen black flannel coat from the collection of Elaine Sargent is structured and classically ornate. The curve of an oversized shawl collar atop a sleek and slender base reminds us of the iconic Chrysler Building. The gold beading creates a linear geometric pattern that juts out as in the building’s decorative windows.

The more contemporary New York by Ghery, a deconstructivist construction, features undulating waves of stainless steel that reflect the changing lights of day. Of similar effect is this Chanel Jacquard suit in metallic gold.


The collection of Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman depicts a bohemian yet cosmopolitan lifestyle. Flowing garments with bright and interesting patterns showcase the expressionistic style of Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman both in terms of her dress and, as an artist, her art.


This blue dress ensemble by Stephen Burrows depicts abstracted seashells on a flowing halter-top and skirt. One can see a similar form in a work on paper by Wendy Lehman Vanderbilt that uses a bluish color palate with harsh horizontal patterns.

The following sculpture by Lehman Vanderbilt is layered with abstract shapes that stack to assemble a human-like form. We found a similar color palette and layering technique in the Zandra Rhodes multicolor silk dress from her collection.


Ingrid Yonke is remembered as having a child-like personality and a joy-filled laugh. Often the life of the party, the Yonke collection is filled with elaborate evening gowns, whimsical ensembles and loud handbags. Through her philanthropic efforts, and desire to simply have fun, the collection speaks to a life of important and effortless associations.

Amongst her many associations, Ingrid Yonke struck a friendship with the Fendi family and numerous items from her collection are from the design house. A neutral yet playful example is this mint sleeveless knit dress by Fendi which is both innocent and sophisticated. Equally playful is the Fendi turquoise snakeskin micro handbag pictured with the dress.

Known to have entertained in an Hermes kimono and to have danced with the principal dancers of the New York city ballet at an event, Yonke was often the life of the party. The many gowns in her collection, such as this Balenciaga cream ball gown, speak to a busy social calendar.


While their closets inspire thoughts of architecture, art and associations, each of these three women inspire discipline, optimism and an appreciation for the beauty of life as lived through their actions and accomplishments. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is honored to tell just a piece of their story through the clothes and accessories that accompanied them along the way.

The New York Style auction will be conducted February 16, 2017 in Leslie Hindman Auctioneers’ Chicago saleroom and online. Following this auction event will be a Luxury Couture Tag Sale on February 17 in Chicago at 10am.

Preview information:

Monday, February 13 | 10am – 5pm
Tuesday, February 14 | 10am – 5pm
Wednesday, February 15 | 10am – 5pm

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