To bid in a sale using LHLive, you must have a Leslie Hindman Auctioneers account and be registered for the sale in which you would like to participate. If you are a first time bidder and creating an account, please allow one business day for your account to be approved and accessible for use.

When registering for an auction, we ask that you submit your request 24 hours prior to the start time. 


If you already have an account with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, skip to step 2.

1. Creating an Account

  • Go to lesliehindman.com
  • Click ‘Login/Register’ in the top right-hand corner of the website, and follow the ‘register here for free’ link
  • Complete the form, and click ‘send’ at the bottom of the page
  • Once approved by the Bid Department, you will receive an email confirming your username and password within 1 business day
  • You may then start using your account to register for sales, track lots, review purchases/bids and change your information.

*If you do not submit your credit card information during registration, you will be prompted each time you login to submit this information. We require credit card information to keep on file but do not accept credit card payments and will not make any charges to this card.

2. Registering for the Auction

  • Go to lesliehindman.com
  • Click ‘Bid Online’ in the top right hand corner of the website
  • Find the sale in which you’d like to bid
  • Click ‘Register to Bid’
  • You will be prompted to login using your username (email/client number) and password
  • You will be asked to confirm your mailing address. Make any necessary changes, then click ‘Submit’
  • Review and click ‘I agree’ to the terms and conditions
  • At that time, our Bid Department will receive your request and send an email confirming you are registered for the auction
  • After receiving the confirmation, you can refresh the website in order to begin to bid if the auction has already begun.


Once you have registered for a sale and received your confirmation email, you are ready to participate online during the live sale.

To participate live using LHLive, log in to your Leslie Hindman Account before the sale begins or before your lots of interest approach.

  • Click ‘Bid Online’ in the top right- hand corner of the website
  • You will be prompted to login using your username (email/client number) and password
  • Select the appropriate auction and click ‘Participate Live’

By registering for a sale and bidding at auction you agree to be bound by our Conditions of Sale.  As stated, the buyer agrees to pay Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Inc. a buyer’s premium as well as any applicable taxes. Click here to learn more about buyer’s premium.


Within LHLive you will be able to see the current lot, lot description, lot picture, starting bid, current bid, asking bid, auctioneer messages, system messages and upcoming lots. A large “BID NOW!” button enables you to place bids in real-time.

When the “BID NOW!” button is green, you may place a bid for the asking price indicated in the “Asking Bid” box.  If your bid is accepted, “You are the current high bidder” will appear in the message box and the “BID NOW!” button will turn gray and be inactive until you are outbid.  If your bid was not accepted, a competing bid was accepted as per the auctioneer’s discretion; the “BID NOW!” button will remain green and you may click on the green “BID NOW!” button and try again.

“Fair Warning!” will be declared in the message box to indicate the auctioneer is about to close the lot. After bidding has finished, the winning bidder and hammer price will be displayed in the message box and the next lot will open.


An invoice will be emailed within 24 hours following the auction and a hard copy will be mailed the following business day.  Please refer to the Buying at Auction and our Conditions of Sale for information on the buyer’s premium, methods of payment and retrieving your property.


For questions and technical support, please contact David Mei at davidmei@lesliehindman.com.

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