Appraisal Events  

Appraisal Events

Auction appraisal events are complimentary and conducted by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers’ specialists in order to offer a convenient and personal way to provide auction estimates for collections located across the country. You may schedule an appointment during one of the dates listed below, knowing that our specialists are available and ready to evaluate your property.

In addition to the cities listed, we regularly handle property from collections in Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Dallas, Atlanta, Louisville, New York, Tucson, Scottsdale, Santa Fe and beyond. If you do not see a convenient location listed, you may always contact our offices and speak with a specialist to determine the best way to evaluate your property: 312.280.1212.

Please visit our location pages below for further details or contact us at 312.280.1212 to schedule an appointment.

February 19 | Greater Detroit Area, Michigan: The Townsend Hotel, Birmingham (Modern Design, Jewelry, Fine Art and Fine Silver)

February 18–20 | Palm Beach, Florida (Couture)

February 21 | Scottsdale, Arizona (Contemporary Art and Arts of the American West)

February 25 | Denver, Colorado (Contemporary Art and Arts of the American West)

February 26–27 | Naples, Florida (Jewelry)

February 26 | Chicago, Illinois (Jewelry and Fine Art)

February 27 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Fine Art and Modern Design)

February 28 | Sarasota, Florida (Jewelry)

February 28 – March 1 | Palm Beach, Florida (Contemporary Art)

March 5 | Denver, Colorado (Jewelry and Prints)

March 5 | Chicago, Illinois (Fine Art)

March 11–13 | Palm Beach, Florida (Jewelry)

March 12/14 | Scottsdale, Arizona (Couture and Jewelry)

March 12 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

March 13 | Lake Forest, Illinois (Jewelry, Silver, Books and Fine Art)

March 14 | St. Louis, Missouri (Fine Art, Modern Design and Jewelry)

March 14 | Atlanta, Georgia

March 16 | Naples, Florida (Fine Art)

March 21 | Atlanta, Georgia (Modern Design)

March 26 | Indianapolis, Indiana (Jewelry and Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver

March 26–28 | Naples, Florida (Jewelry)

March 28 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

April 2 | Denver, Colorado (Fine Art)

April 2 | St. Louis, Missouri (Jewelry)

April 3 | Scottsdale, Arizona (Asian Works of Art and Jewelry)

April 4 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

April 9 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April 10 | Hinsdale, Illinois (Jewelry)

April 11 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

April 18 | Atlanta, Georgia (Fine Art)

April 18 | Naples, Florida

April 23 | Grand Rapids, Michigan (Jewelry, Fine Art and Modern Design)

April 23–25 | Palm Beach, Florida (Jewelry)

April 25 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

April 30 | St. Louis, Missouri (Couture and Jewelry)

May 2 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

May 7 | Scottsdale, Arizona

May 7 | St. Louis, Missouri (Jewelry)

May 9 | Atlanta, Georgia (Jewelry)

May 13–15 | Palm Beach, Florida (Jewelry)

May 14 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

May 15 | Chicago, Illinois (Fine Art, Jewelry, Books and Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver)

May 21 | St. Louis, Missouri (Asian Works of Art, Jewelry and Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver)

May 23 | Naples, Florida

May 24 | Atlanta, Georgia (Asian Works of Art, Books, Fine Art and Jewelry)

May 28 | Cleveland, Ohio (Jewelry, Books and Fine Art)

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