Property from the Estate of John Kluge  

Property from the Estate of John Kluge

For the Benefit of Columbia University

kluge house


Tuesday, June 14 | 10am ET

West Palm Beach, Florida


1608 South Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Exhibition Times

Thursday, June 9 | 10am – 5pm
Friday, June 10 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, June 11 | 10am – 3pm
Monday, June 13 | 10am – 5pm


Jyotsna Chaman


John W. Kluge is best known as the founder and chairman of media conglomerate Metromedia. While he has been named one of the richest men in America on numerous occasions, Mr. Kluge is also remembered as a devoted scholar who shared his passion for the pursuit of knowledge with others.

From a young age, Mr. Kluge made pointed decisions to invest in his education, which eventually led him to Columbia University. His lifestyle and philanthropy mirrored the liberal arts foundation upon which his successes were built.
Representative of his interests, Mr. Kluge’s collection of furniture, art and decorative objects exemplify his dedication to thoughtfulness and success. His Palm Beach residence, La Casa Sin Nombre (“The House with No Name”) was elegantly furnished with sophisticated and charming English and American furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, silver, porcelain and more.

The residence was given to Mr. Kluge’s alma mater, Columbia University, as one of the many generous gifts Mr. Kluge and his charitable foundations have contributed to the school. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is honored to bring Mr. Kluge’s collection to auction for the benefit of Columbia.

The property was once an array of parcels, which Kluge assembled into a single estate in the mid-1990s. These five parcels presently include a 12,000 square foot 1935 garden house, a 6,000 square foot Mediterranean-style house designed by noted architect Addison Mizner and three additional structures used for guests and staff. The property also contains extensive gardens, a particular point of enjoyment for Mr. Kluge during his time spent in Palm Beach. In addition to contents of the home, the June 14 Palm Beach auction will also include outdoor furniture and decorative objects once located on the grounds of the estate.

All interior photos of the house are courtesy of Brantley Photography and Affordable Aerial Photography, Inc. 

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