“Jackie bracelets” – A Tiffany Legacy  

“Jackie bracelets” – A Tiffany Legacy

Blog | November 18, 2015

Jean Schlumberger (1907-1987) was one of Tiffany & Co.’s most acclaimed jewelry designers. In 1956, Schlumberger joined the prestigious jewelry firm and shortly after, created a stunning line of vibrant bangles with the 19th century enameling technique referred to as paillone. This complicated enameling process involves cutting complex shapes out of gold foil, placing them on the bracelet, dipping the entire item into translucent colored enamel and carefully firing the item. The process is repeated up to 60 times for each bracelet.

The bracelets quickly achieved an air of luxury and elegance when they were worn by some of the most glamorous women of the day. Of note, Jackie Kennedy Onassis purchased her first Schlumberger Paillonne enamel bracelet in 1962 during the early years of her time as first lady.  The elegant Tiffany bangles were available in many colors and texture variations and Jackie eagerly amassed a large collection of them.  The style soon became one of her signature looks, so much so that the bracelets came to be known as the “Jackie Bracelets” at Tiffany.


Jackie Kennedy was known to wear her Schlumberger Paillonne bracelets casually around the city during New York summers, as well as on the occasional holiday in Capri.


Though modern versions of these bracelets are still available for purchase in Tiffany stores, the more rare, original French-made vintage examples from the 60’s and 70’s continue to be coveted by discerning collectors.

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is delighted to offer two Schlumberger Paillonne bracelets, in white and blue enamel with the lozenge and dot motif, in our upcoming Important Jewelry auction, December 6th and 7th.  Originally purchased at Tiffany & Co. in New York during the early years of production, the bracelets have remained in the collection of a prominent Chicago woman ever since, lovingly maintained and in superb condition.  The bracelets are featured as the cover of our catalogue and will draw interest worldwide. We will also be offering a pair of matching Schlumberger for Tiffany blue enamel earclips in the same sale to complete the set.


Two Vintage 18 Karat Yellow Gold and White Enamel Paillonne Bracelets and matching 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Paillone Enamel Earclips, Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.

Chicago Preview Schedule:

Wednesday, December 2 | 10am – 5pm
Thursday, December 3 | 10am – 5pm
Friday, December 4 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, December 5 | 10am – 3pm

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