The Artists that Create Hermès Scarves  

The Artists that Create Hermès Scarves

Blog | May 17, 2017
The Artists that Create Hermes Scarves

An Hermès scarf is immediately recognizable, striking a balance between glamour and understated elegance. With over 1700 hours of production and hand-finished edges, Hermès craftsmanship demands attention. But it’s the clever and symbolic designs that draw in unique personalities who will wear them as a tribute to their own personal interests. As such, Hermès scarves were a wardrobe staple for some of fashion’s most venerated, including Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II.


At any given time, Hermès is collaborating with fifty artists across the globe to produce twenty new designs each year. Some of the most renowned will be featured in our upcoming Hermès Scarves sale June 13.

Hermès Scarves_Caty Latham_Les Cles
Lot 78, Caty Latham, Les Cles
Hermès Scarves_Latham
Lot 86A, Caty Latham, Hommage a Charles Garnier Architecte de l'opera de Paris
Hermès Scarves_Latham
Lot 77, Caty Latham, Washington's Carriage

In her forty-five years collaborating with Hermès, Caty Latham has designed some of the most coveted Hermès scarves ever produced. Her simple designs drew inspiration from military history, her own travels and architecture, to name a few. Latham’s first ever, Les Cles, is one of Hermès top-ten selling scarves and will be offered in our June 13 sale among other Caty Latham examples.

Hermès Scarves_Faivre
Lot 57, Annie Faivre, "Sur un Tapis Volant"
Hermès Scarves_Faivre
"Sur un Tapis Volant," Monkey Detail

Annie Faivre began working with Hermès in 1979 and has produced over forty scarves since. Faivre developed a cult following because of her unique abstract designs that rely on symmetry and repetition. Each design hides a lone monkey, a signature that developed from her childhood nickname “little monkey.” A number of Faivre’s will be up for auction in our upcoming sale including Lot 57, “Sur un Tapis Volant,” pictured above.

Hermès Scarves_Oliver
Lot 108, Kermit Oliver, "Pani La Shar Pawnee"
Hermès Scarves_Oliver
Lot 111, Kermit Oliver, "Plumes de l'Ouest"

Kermit Oliver is an icon among collectors of Hermes scarves. As the only American to design for the house, he brings a singular vocabulary and aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Native American culture and the plant life in his home state of Texas, Oliver’s designs are recognizable for their distinctly American themes and deep, saturated color palate. Now in his seventies, Oliver lives quietly as a pillar of design and a postman in Waco, TX. Hermes scarves by Kermit Oliver offered in our sale include Lot 111, “Plumes de l’Ouest” and Lot 109, “Pani La Shar Pawnee.”


The June 13 Hermes Scarves auction will be conducted online only and available on both LHLive and Bidsquare. You can register for the auction here.


Hermès Scarves Online Only Auction on Bidsquare | June 13 – 23

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