A Few of our Favorite Things: 2015  

A Few of our Favorite Things: 2015

Ask the Experts | January 7, 2016

Leslie Hindman Specialists pick their favorite things of 2015—the interesting, the unique and those that inspired them.

Anne Forman, Director of Luxury Accessories and Vintage Fashion

“The Lanvin Metallic Silver Ensemble that was sold in our October auction. This piece felt both vintage and current- the mark of a great timeless piece- something a very elegant woman would wear to a fabulous party in New York City or Paris. Amal Clooney was pictured wearing this style recently at a Christmas Party.”

Luxury Accessories and Vintage Fashion. A Lanvin Metallic Silver Ensemble, Lot 27.

Ben Fisher, Director of Asian Works of Art

“The Pocketwatch made for the Chinese Market that we sold in Chinese Works of Art sale in November was my favorite item of 2015. Timepieces are not often found in the Asian Art Department and because this was from early in the 19th century, it was particularly exciting. It depicted a Westerner in a Chinese robe and setting, a rather unusual subject and even more unusual for a fine timepiece. It is a rare example by one of the more important makers, William Ilbery.”

Asian Works of Art. An Exceptional Gold and Polychrome Enamel Pocket Watch Made For the Chinese Market, Lot 50.

Mike Intihar, Senior Specialist, 20th Century Decorative Arts

“Louis Daniel Brodsky had a love for Art Nouveau his entire life and became a meticulous collector concerned with acquiring only the highest quality and exceptionally rare items. Like so many examples from his estate, this vitrine had all the quintessential qualities of Art Nouveau and sold for a much higher price than it’s estimate. It is my favorite item of 2015.”


20th Century Decorative Arts. A French Art Nouveau Rosewood Vitrine.

 Julia Leveille, Associate Specialist, American and European Art

“My favorite object of the year was this delicate pastel by James Abbott McNeill Whistler depicting a young woman in a diaphanous dress holding a parasol.

The work as it first appeared in 1884 presented the model with much less clothing, and perhaps in response to the great criticism, Whistler changed the composition and dressed the figure. What I love is the way he was able to retain the sensuality of the nude and represent the sheerest of fabrics with just hints of pink, red and white pastel.”


American and European Art. James Abbott McNeill Whistler, (American, 1834-1903), Parasol; red note, c. 1884

Corbin Horn, Specialist, Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts

“My favorite lot of 2015 is easily a Louis XV commode consigned by the Toledo Museum of Art. Apart from its arresting beauty overall, the quality of its bronze was extraordinary. It contains lion masks, leaf scrolls, human male masks cast with something of a mischievous expression, and hairy paw feet headed by acanthus leaves. The brass inlay was also stunning, and in very good condition for a case of this age. It was by no means perfect (several repairs and alterations from its original form), but having been purchased by the museum over 50 years ago from a top New York dealer (Rosenberg & Stiebel), it attracted six phone bidders and eventually sold to a British buyer.” 


Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts. A Louis XV Gilt Bronze Mounted Ebony Commode.

Alexander Eblen, Director, Important Jewelry and Fine Timepieces

“We never grew tired of looking at this uniquely exquisite Art Deco Cartier lapel pin, the highlight of which was a watch enclosed in a large, highly translucent emerald carved in a foliate pattern.  Even more delightful – the watch still works!”


Important Jewelry. An Art Deco Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Onyx and Enamel Lapel Watch, Cartier

Reed Landin, Associate Specialist, Fine Prints

“My favorite item of 2015 was the Richard Estes D Train print. Estes’  photorealistic compositions present extremely complex points of view and are technically difficult to create. He layers and merges multiple viewpoints to create dense and detailed scenes.”


Fine Prints. Richard Estes, (American, b. 1932), D Train, 1988

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