Depicting the American West  

Depicting the American West

Blog | November 1, 2017
William Robinson Leigh The Roper

The November 5 – 6 Arts of the American West auction at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will include property from a Midwestern museum, which features a strong showing of historic Western American paintings and bronzes. Artists represented include Charles M. Russell, Eanger Irving Couse, Frank Tenney Johnson, Olaf Wieghorst, William Robinson Leigh and many others.

Eanger Irving Couse’s Sacred Rain Bowl was included in museum exhibitions as early as 1922. It will appear in the ongoing Catalogue Raisonné project for the artist’s work, which continues today through the Couse Foundation in Taos and with Virginia Couse Leavitt.


Pointing Out The Trail by Charles M. Russell is a watercolor on paper. It appeared as an illustration on the title page of Charles J. Steedman’s 1904 book Bucking the Sage Brush, and the author is known to have once owned the watercolor.


“The Roper” by William Robinson Leigh was painted in 1913. It is one of Leigh’s most recognized subjects, the cowboy. Fascinated by the American West, Leigh often traveled to the Southwest and Rocky Mountains for inspiration. The soft hues of orange, green, brown and blue illuminate “The Roper” and the what made the West so iconic.


These paintings, among many others, will be offered in the Arts of the American West November sale at Leslie Hindman Auctioners. The full catalogue is available online at

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