American Illustrators in Fine Art Auction  

American Illustrators in Fine Art Auction

Blog | May 6, 2016

Before digital fashion photography, Photoshop and airbrushing, American magazines relied on the talent of advertising and fashion illustrators to insure their covers made a splash. Norman Rockwell, the most recognized example of these illustrators, often depicted every day life in a comedic way in his magazine covers, several of which we have sold in past auctions.


Norman Rockwell, Playing Checkers, 1950 – Sold for $394,000 (Dec 12, 2010) featured as the cover of the Saturday evening Post in 1943.



Norman Rockwell, Study for How Goes the War on Poverty – Sold for $242,500 (Dec 10, 2014) featured as the cover of Look Magazine in 1965.

In the upcoming American and European Fine Art sale on May 25, we will be featuring a number of works by Rockwell’s talented contemporaries. We are pleased to offer three works on paper by American illustrator Albert Hampson. Like Rockwell, Hampson is also well known for his artwork showing everyday life while creating vibrant illustrations that have a wonderful comedic charm. Hampson has been featured as the covers on the Saturday Evening Post, Look and other popular publications of the time. Once a former semi-professional football player, Hampson was sitting in the bleachers at a Navy-Army football game when he conceived his first Saturday Evening Post cover featured in our sale, Sink the Navy.


Lot 450 Albert Hampson, Sink the Navy (Study for the Saturday Evening Post), 1935, $600-800



Lot 449 Albert Hampson, Kissing the Best Man (Study for the Saturday Evening Post), 1937 $1,000-2,000.


Illustrator Jon Whitcomb has also created various cover illustrations and is most well known for his depictions of glamorous young women of the 1940s and 50s. He began his career creating illustrations for travel and theater posters and furthered his career by illustrating for some of the most popular magazines at the time including Good Housekeeping, Collier’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan. The illustration included in our upcoming auction, Lady with a Green Hat, graced the cover of the May 1948 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.


Jon Whitcomb, Lady with a Green Hat to be sold May 25 in Chicago. This was used for the cover of a 1948 cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The Fine Art auctions will be held in Chicago, May 24-25. Click here for more details.

Preview schedule:

Friday, May 20 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, May 21 | 10am – 3pm
Sunday, May 22 | 12pm – 4pm
Monday, May 23 | 10am – 5pm


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