A Young Buyer’s Guide to Auctions  

A Young Buyer’s Guide to Auctions

Ask the Experts | September 1, 2015

Over the years, auctions have become increasingly popular for young consumers who are looking for unique property at a great price. A desire for quality merchandise on a limited budget have forced young people to be resourceful when buying art, decorative items, furniture and jewelry. Whether looking for something to decorate the home or a special gift idea, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers’ sales have something for everyone. Our specialists have put together a buying guide for young people looking for something special for every occasion.

1) The Glass House

One of the biggest events in a 20 or 30-something’s life is the purchase of a new home. Housewarming parties are often celebrated with wine or home accessories. If you are looking for something different, classic glass is the perfect answer. It is timeless elegance that never goes out of style. There are a multitude of options to choose from at our upcoming sales. For the dog lover, a Lalique Molded and Frosted Glass Terrier will go perfectly on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece. (Sale 414/Lot 595)  Fresh flowers give a new home a fresh, soothing feel; a Steuben vase is a simple, tasteful decorative container. (Sale 414/Lot 610). Whatever your friend’s taste, these additions will elevate a new home in a memorable way. Our upcoming St. Louis auction on September 26 features many classic glass items that are sure to be the perfect housewarming gift.


Pictured: A Lalique Molded and Frosted Glass Figure (Sale 414, Lot 595) and A Steuben Glass Vase (Sale 414, Lot 610).

2) A Shiny Dowry

The wedding registry domestic market was $19 billion in 2013 according to The Knot’s Bridal Registry Study. Instead of shopping off the same generic registry,Why not mix it up and buy a present your friend or relative is sure to remember and treasure? Fine silver is a timeless gift that embodies the elegance of marriage. Although silver requires maintenance and polishing from time to time, your friend will admire your good taste with a gift of this character. Some stylish items to bestow on the next married couple include candlesticks for romantic dinner date nights, (Sale 414/Lot 653), a silver-plate tray for that next Thanksgiving dinner (Sale 354/Lot 136), or salt cellars to add a bit of elegance to everyday meals (Sale 380/Lot 54A). The Fine Silver auction on November 10 will include a multitude of silver buying options for your next nuptial.


Pictured: An American Silver-Plate Serving Tray (Sale 354, Lot 136), Three American Silver Candlesticks (Sale 414, Lot 653) and Three French Silver Salts (Sale 380, Lot 54A)

3) A Finer Flat

Adding a few one-of-a-kind pieces to a home can make a space unique. Home furnishings at auction provide bargain prices with top quality items.

Instead of buying your next couch at Crate and Barrel, bid on a sleek Italian chaise to lounge for a TV marathon (Sale 347/ Lot 316). A perfect side chair can bring a room together. A Louis XVI Style Bergere is always the answer – simple in design but adds a bit of sophistication. (Sale 414/lot 446). Our Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts sale on October 20-21 might spark the inspiration you need to complete your interior design.


Pictured: An Italian Wicker and Upholstered Oval Chaise (Sale 347, Lot 316) and A Louis XVI Style Walnut Bergere (Sale 414, Lot 446)

4) Diamonds are Forever

Every man looks for that special someone for the rest of his life and with that comes the hunt for the perfect ring. Diamonds are a hefty purchase and stores and dealers are heavily driven by market demands. At auction, he can find a quality diamond or antique ring for a fraction of the price of something that might come in a little mint- colored box. Leslie Hindman Fine Jewelry Auctions handle the spectrum of rings—whether she’s is interested in a diamond, sapphire, or emerald, Antique or contemporary, classic or off-beat. Say Yes! to auction, the benefits will last a lifetime.


5) Workspace Wonder

A new promotion comes with a new office and lots of blank spaces. There’s no easier way to spice up white walls than with a couple of tasteful lithographs. Show love for the city with an urban scene, such as Elizabeth Peak’s Blue Sky (Sale 412/lot 309) or express Midwestern roots with a George Schreiber lithograph (sale 332/lot 3129).  Let your tastes dictate the subject matter, but a safe bet is finding a print of your alma mater, such as this Gustav Goetsch etching of Brookings Hall at Washington University St. Louis (Sale 385/ Lot 104). Your colleagues are sure to be impressed with your blossoming art collection.


Pictured: Elizabeth Peak, “Blue Sky,” George Schreiber “Haying,” and Gustav F. Goetsch, “Brookings Hall – Wash. U. St. Louis, MO, 1911”

Whatever your needs may be, auctions are a wonderful market for young professionals – there is something for every occasion in life!

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