Antique Signed Jewelry  

Antique Signed Jewelry

leslie hindman antique jewelry

Important Jewelry Auction

Sunday, December 4 | 10am CT
Monday, December 5 | 10am CT


Alexander Eblen

312.334.4233 or

Chicago Exhibition Times

Wednesday, November 30 | 10am – 5pm
Thursday, December 1 | 10am – 5pm
Friday, December 2 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, December 3 | 10am – 3pm

New York Exhibition Times

Waldorf Astoria, Gramercy Suite, 18th Floor

Monday, November 21 | 10am – 5pm
Tuesday, November 22 | 10am – 5pm
Wednesday, November 23 | 10am – 3pm

This December’s sale offers a number of fine antique jewels, many from known and sought after masters.  A strong theme of the sale are Egyptian and Egyptian Revival works such as Lots 4, 5 and 6.  The intricate micromosaic of Lot 6 is especially impressive.  The acclaimed maisons Giuliano and Castellani, chief architects of the Renaissance Revival movement, are well represented in lots 32-34.  The artfully enameled and gem set pendant of Lot 34 boasts a near twin amongst the British crown jewels.  Also from the Revival movement but hailing from Tiffany in the United States, Paulding Farnhams beguiling opal brooch in Lot 54 showcases the artist’s subtle mastery of melding gems and precious metals.


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