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Additional Artists

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Haeger Pottery Collection

Friday, February 24, 2017 | 10am CT


Cassia Baker

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Chicago Exhibition Times

Tuesday, February 21 | 10am – 7pm
Wednesday, February 22 | 10am – 5pm
Thursday, February 23 | 10am – 5pm

Harding Black’s vast range of skills, ceramist, sculptor, painter, and educator, contributed to his success as an artist. A Texas native, Black started his career as a painter and was taught the art of wheel thrown pottery in 1933. A profilic artist, Black produced exentisve work throughout the 1930’s, forward. By1955 he had retired from the work force and dedicated his time to researching, writing, and creating ceramics and continued to do so until his death in 2004.

Born Samuel Brostofsky in Cleveland, Ohio, Sascha Brastoff was accomplished in multiple fields, including ballet, design, and ceramics. After years of work in the creative arts, Brastoff opened a factory in Los Angeles in 1953 as an extension of his interest in design. In the early 1970’s Brastoff designed two lines for Haeger Potteries, one notably named “Esplanade”. After years of success from his artistic endeavors, Brastoff died in 1993.

C. Glenn Richardson became the Director of Design in 1971 and continued to work for Haeger Pottery for 20 years, retiring from the company in 1991. In his many years as a designer he amassed art experience beyond Haeger Potteries through the production of artwork for the Marine’s Special Services. His style ranged from fantastical animal figures to dedicated molded architectural forms.

Kevin Bradley began modeling and designing for Haeger Potteries in 1977.  Noted especially for his graceful sculptural creations, his career spanned nearly 40 years, until the close of the company in 2016. 

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