Specialized Auctions  

Specialized Auctions

Supporting our mission to be a full service auction house, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers holds specialized auctions of distinguished collections in all sorts of categories. Past successes have included the Property from the Oprah Winfrey Collections, Caribou Ranch and Studio Memorabilia auction,  Gary Pepper Collection of Elvis Presley Memorabilia, the Ebony Fashion Fair Collection, Property from the Estate of Lilly Pulitzer, the Adell Venus Miniatures Collection, and the contents of two of Chicago’s most iconic past sports arenas, the Chicago Stadium and Comiskey Park.

From sports and entertainment memorabilia, to toys and collectables, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is always delighted to speak with you regarding a specialized auction in any collecting category, whether it is one or all sorts of items.

No auctions currently scheduled. Please check back soon.

For inquiries regarding specialized auctions please contact us at info@lesliehindman.com.

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